The DB Experience

Booking Your Appointment

When you first reach out to book an appointment with us, we like to ask a few questions about your wedding. This is so we can get a better understanding of the styles of dresses that you may be interested in and so that the DB Team can be fully prepared to help and guide you during your appointment.

We encourage our brides to bring that special VIP friend or family member along with them to their appointment as they offer a point of view that only a person who knows you very well could- none of us want too many cooks in the kitchen spoiling your moment!

Your one-on-one appointment

The DB Team will take you upstairs to our GORGEOUS studio for an exclusive bridal experience. In the studio, you are free to browse through all of our dresses and pick out any that you wish to try on. Some brides may prefer a little more guidance on where to look (we know that it can be slightly overwhelming, even if this isn’t your first-time dress shopping!) we will be more than happy to jump in and offer our expert opinion on dresses that would suit you and your style best- that’s what we’re here for!

Once you have shortlisted some dresses, we will show you into our private, spacious changing room where the magic begins! Your entourage will be waiting for you in the studio for a big reveal!!!


When You Find ‘the one’

When you’ve found the one, its congratulations all around, a very special moment to be enjoyed! Your measurements will be taken for ordering, and you’ll be leaving on a high with a small token gift bag as a thank you from us for choosing Dolly Blue Bridal☺️.


A Dolly Blue Dress is a made to order wedding dress that we carefully measure and sculpt to ensure that it fits you like a glove so you are both looking and feeling your very best!

Over a series of appointments, our team works fastidiously to ensure that your vision of your dream dress becomes a reality. We have some amazingly talented seamstresses with years of experience in the industry who can help to make sure your wedding gown is fitted to perfection.

We love getting creative by making sure your chosen wedding gown is bespoke to each individual bride! So any dress can be jazzed up with bows, sleeves, embellishments, whatever the heart wants! #BeUnique.

There is then a final fitting, as close to your wedding as possible, to ensure the dress is absolutely perfect- you’re now bridal ready!

Most brides have between two and three fittings before collecting their wedding dress. We will keep you informed throughout to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible!


Accessories Appointment

We now offer a unique accessories appointment at Dolly Blue in which you will have the chance to explore our wide range of veils, hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and shoes- how exciting!!!!!

There are several situations in which you may consider booking in for an accessory’s appointment.

-You may be a DB bride already and want to complete your bridal look by adding some accessories that compliment your dress.

-You may just want another opportunity to try on your dress to either show friends or family who would love to see your dress OR you may even wish to try on your dress against your bridesmaids’ dresses to see how it looks!

-You may want to shop for some accessories for the bridal party- such as matching hair accessories for your bridesmaids or some earrings for the mother of the bride- could be a nice little touch☺️!

-You might not even be a DB bride but would like to explore our accessories collection- there’s still plenty of time to become a DB bride!! (Feel free to bring your dress along with you to the appointment)

-Or even for a last-minute purchase- just book in and we’ll have you covered x